Salt Lake Magazine December 2013

We love Salt Lake Magazine!! They always have the best information and it is local! From award winning recipe’s to decorating for the holidays, they are always there to help! This month we were featured in their Baby’s First Christmas Guide.  They have fun unique gifts that your child will treasure for a lifetime! Come check it out! You will the love gifts they have found!

Loss, Inspiration and Hope

To understand the inspiration behind Sugar Doodle Kids, you first have to meet Cole.  Cole was my son who died when he was six days old.  At six days it is hard to think that a bond could have been shared between a mother and her son.  But for him and I, our souls were united.  As many mothers know, a bond can be formed early on when a child is still inside their mother, and such was the case with Cole and I.  I had feelings that lead to me going to the hospital and fighting to stay so that he could be delivered safely.  This bond continued on through the days that he spent in the neonatal intensive care unit.  Some say that you can see a person’s soul through their eyes.  Cole held onto that special gift until a few moments before he left this earth.  It was then that he opened his eyes for the first time and our souls saw each other for the first and last time.

One of the greatest fears for a mother is burying her child.  I can tell you that it is the most heart breaking experience.  Every emotion and thought that you can imagine runs through your mind.  I felt as though someone had opened my heart and cut it out.  I felt lifeless. My spirit felt like it was destroyed.  Having that bond suddenly cut off was the most difficult pain that I had ever been through.

A while ago, I had the great opportunity of meeting a man by the name of Derreck Kayongo.  He is a remarkable man who overcame many challenges in his life in Africa and taught me how to use our struggles to do something remarkable in life.  Derreck told me about some mothers in Africa and how many of them also have to bury their babies.  In Africa he said however, they don’t just bury one.  Many mothers bury multiple children due to diseases, lack of nutrition, childbirth complications, and malnourishment.  Some mothers he stated have buried so many children that they don’t even have the emotions to mourn.  Their hearts have become so immune to the pain that they literally can’t take it any more.  Most of them are poor, so a simple blanket is all they have to bury their beautiful baby.

I can’t help but think back to my sweet Cole.  His death almost took everything out of me.  And here were mothers, thousands of miles away, suffering the same way that I was.  I was lucky to be living in the United States where the best medical advancements were taking place.  Doctors and nurses were trying every possible plan to keep my son alive.  But mothers in Africa had the odds stacked against them.  Many delivered in their homes, often in unclean conditions.  And if their sweet baby was able to survive that, there were diseases of every kind that they were going to have to face up to without any modern day medicine to be on their side.  And if by chance, they were able to be free of diseases and illnesses, they would still have the battle of hunger and malnourishment.  This would make them more susceptible to the diseases anyway.  Over in Africa, mothers were fighting everyday to keep their children alive.

After having suffered my loss of a child, I did not want another mother to go through the pain that I went through.  I am not a doctor, or a scientist.  I cannot come up with a cure for AIDS or Malaria.  But I am a mother.  I know that when the basic needs aren’t met, a person cannot survive.  From the moment a child is born it looks to its mother to give it food, and the tools that it needs to survive.  Mother’s around the world are alike.  We all want to see our child’s first smile, to see them take their first step, to tickle them and hear their belly laugh.  It takes a village to raise a child but it can take only a few mothers’ coming together to help keep one alive. If I can help one mother, just one mom, see her child laugh, smile and enjoy life without the pain of otherwise loosing them, then that is hope.  And if that one child can go to bed without being hungry and finally be able to dream of what they want to become, then there is hope for them too.

Winter Design Challenge 2013 WINNERS!

Drum roll please…….

We are so excited to announce the winners of our Winter Design Challenge! We have had to keep a tight lip so it is nice to share the surprise with you! A quick bit of information first. Our winter pajamas were designed by KIDS during our Design Challenge.  Artists and children submitted their designs or drawing into our contest.  The pictures were voted on and the winners received a cash prize and had their artwork printed on Sugar Doodle Kids pajamas for the whole world to admire! How cool is that!? So, here are the WINNERS:

Kayden G., Age 12

Kayden won our Winter Design Challenge!

Kayden won our Winter Design Challenge!                                      

Kayden’s favorite thing about winter is snowmen! He is an awesome football player and is excited to finally be in junior high.

Kayden's snowman drawing.

Kayden’s snowman drawing.

Finished product!

Finished product!

Mackenzie S., Age 12

Kenzie's dog drawing.

Kenzie’s dog drawing.

Mackenzie loves dogs and wishes that she had one! She loves swimming, drawing, reading and camping!

Finished product!

Finished product!

Aren’t they awesome!?!  We think that they are! Now until October 31, 2013 they will be 40% off! Just head on over to Sugar Doodle Kids and pick up your pair today and help your child and a child in need Dream in Comfort! The fun doesn’t have to stop there though. Sugar Doodle Kids is now is now accepting artwork for our Spring 2014 line! Just enter your artwork in our Design Challenge and start getting your family and friends to vote!   Thank you to everyone who submitted artwork for our Winter Design Challenge! You guys Rock! We are so excited to see all the new art that arrives for the spring! Thank you to Kayden and MacKenzie for sharing their talents with us! You two are amazing and congratulations for being Sugar Doodle Kids FIRST Design Challenge WINNERS!!

My Craft Channel

Have you heard of My Craft Channel??

It is absolutely amazing!!

It is the first craft tv network that shares and knows about everything!

No joke!

And they don’t just tell you about stuff, they show you hands on!

They are an amazing group of women! I had the opportunity to go and meet with them and share what Sugar Doodle Kids is all about!

Kids like to craft and create just us much as we do so it was a perfect fit!

Check out our episode and share with your friends this amazing network!

I promise you will be glad that you stopped in!!

Just click on this link and it will send you to their website!

Happy crafting!



We are so excited to be apart of Zulily this week! They are an awesome company and have some of the best brands! You will never be disappointed buying from them! As always for every pair of pajamas we sell we will give a meal to a child in need! So come check it out! Buy some jammies and help stop childhood hunger!

Mitchell’s Journey

There are times in your life when experiences change your life forever.  Then there are times in your life when other’s expierences touch into your soul.  I was immediately touched when I first heard about Mitchell.  He was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and ended up dying of acute heart failure in his home with his family surrounding him. Their situation hit close to home.  Almost too close to home.  With our son Cole, we also held him in our arms and waited for his life to end.


Mitchell’s family and friends put together a Facebook page, Mitchell’s Journey, where they shared Mitchell’s daily decline and their personal expierinces with him.  It has such raw and honest emotions and immediately gained support from around the world. As I read their post daily I find myself dripping in tears.  I can feel their love for their little boy and know of the heartache they were going through.  However with all the pain, there is a light that makes me strive to be a better mom.  To listen and be more patient.  To leave the dishes and go play cars.  To stop cooking dinner and wrap my arms around my husband when he comes home.  Life is so precious.  And it is experiences that we are able to have either through ourselves or others, that help us see the love in the world.

Burying a child is something that no parent should ever have to do.  The whole process is horrible.  One of my friends is from a third world country and he was telling me about the village where he grew up.  There it wasn’t unusual for a mother to bury at least one child in her lifetime.  Most of these women couldn’t afford any type of coffin and would have to wrap their child in a cloth and bury them in the dirt.  It is my mission to spare the pain for atleast one mother or father from burying their child. To give one child the chance at life and a future full of hope and dreams.


Suagr Doodle Mama